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PW DevLog #2: Promo Art

I'm an idiot...

I've been using Aseprite to work on some promo art for Pride Wars, and though I had saved my .aseprite file. Every step of the way, I was clicking 'Save' and thought the work was safe. Turns out, I was saving a flat PNG.

After restarting my PC for an update, I loaded Aseprite up, only to find I had lost all my layers.

I know... noob error.

Luckily, I was quite a way along with the work, so for now, I'm just going to use what I have.

So with all that said... introducing the (temporary) promo art for Pride Wars!

In order to get the demo out for January, I really need to start working on the sprite sheets for the enemy and player characters. So while I know the art is heavily flawed, I'm going to stick with this for the time being. It'll do... for now.

Closer to release I'll redraw the entire image, but right now the sprite sheets are more important.

I'm also going to do another devlog post within the next few days just to update the state of the game as a whole (including some screenshots!), and will later be posting the first enemy sprite sheet once it's done.

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