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Games and Assets for Unity


Save the 'Pudding People' from the nasty 'Fans of the Playground'.


Coming in June 2024 to PC / Steam.



Our first game tasks you to take to the streets during Pride to save the pudding people from evil groomers.

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Find out about our future project, a life-sim RPG that turns fighting depression into a game mechanic, planned for development after the release of Pride Wars.

URRPG Logo Trans.png

UR-RPG is an all-in-one asset for Unity that gives people without any knowledge of coding, the tools to create their own 2D retro RPG.

NOTE: This project is currently on hold.


Create your own games faster with tools and assets we've developed for our own projects.

Releasing after Pride Wars.




About Prime Pixel Games

Prime Pixel is a indie game development studio based in England. For the last 2 years we have been working on the Ultimate Retro RPG asset for Unity, however have suspended development while we focus on other projects.

We are currently working on Pride Wars, a retro style First Person Shooter scheduled to come out in June 2024.

In addition to the Pride Wars, we are working on some Unity Assets to help others develop their own games faster, which we plan to release after the initial release of Pride Wars.

Prime Pixel Studios is run by LesusGames.

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